Environmental Knowledgeof the North


The focus is on the northern areas of Europe, western Siberia, central Siberia and northeastern Siberia.

Northern Europe

The European North stretches from northern Scandinavia through northern Finland and the Barents Sea region to the Yamal Peninsula in northern Russia. It is the homeland of the Saami, Komi and Nenets peoples.

photo: J. Wilbur

image for Northern Europe

Western Siberia

Western Siberia comprises mainly the lowlands between the Ob and Yenisey rivers. The indigenous peoples of this area are the Khanty, Mansi and Selkups.

photo: S. Dudeck

image for Western Siberia

Central Siberia

Central Siberia represents the central Siberian lowlands along the Lena River, where Sakha (Yakut), Even and Evenk peoples live.

photo: A. Lavrillier

image for Central Siberia

Northeastern Siberia

Northeastern Siberia includes the parts of Siberia east of Yakutia with the Yukagir, Chukchi, Koryak, Itelmen and Even people living there. These parts of the country are also often called the Russian Far East.

photo: E. Kasten

image for Northeastern Siberia