Environmental Knowledgeof the North

This web portal is intended to stimulate discussion on the environmental knowledge and sustainable relations with nature of the peoples of the North. 

Indigenous knowledge is brought together with the results of current scientific research. Worldview and ritual convey special values in dealing with nature and serve to implement this knowledge in everyday life. The environmental knowledge of the peoples of the North is based on continuous observation of nature, which has been built up over the course of many generations.

As in the past, this knowledge is best conveyed to young people in the form of oral traditions together with practical instruction. The narratives of local people on their observations and experiences as well as their activities in dealing with nature as shown here are based on this. The focus is on the northern regions of Europe, western Siberia, central Siberia and northeastern Siberia.

This page was created as part of a project carried out from 1.04. to 31.12.2021, which was funded by the Eastern Partnership and Russia program of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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